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CTO Full-time

Pathwrangler Not Active

An adventure marketplace for outdoor experiences. Our product research focused on a top adventure company with successful Everest routes and Trails around Boulder, Colorado. The platform was an intuitive flow for building itineraries. This was a pretty awesome app!

Senior Developer Contract

Cloud Elements Acquired

Worked with Cloud Elements in partnership with a Fortune 500 company to build an interface for their advanced cloud service. The authentication system was built for single sign on and integrated sockets for real-time UI.

Senior Developer Contract

Whaxy Acquired Not Active

During the early-stage of a new industry in Colorado—we built a product to locate, rate, and inventory products for the new industry. This was one of the first applications to implement this kind of inventory. The app was evolving into a social app. The product worked along side the marketing and media team.

Front-End Engineer Full-time

Kloudless Acquired

Built and maintained a Chrome Extension that worked with the new storage API—the extension integrated into the Gmail DOM to secure and share files—we were ahead of the Gmail team on this feature. The team worked from the Berkeley SkyDeck incubator which was a great experience with an awesome team.
JavascriptChrome ExtensionSassAngularJS

VP of Engineering Full-time

ApolloFactor, Inc.

The CompEdge (Dealmaker) showcase app is available on iOS and web through the cross-platform framework Ionic—utilizing the Angular 6 platform. CDN and general Distribution of the web client is handled by the enterprise-ready Vercel. The scalability for the API Gateway stack is due to a hybrid approach with Firebase and Deno (runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript)—implemented in micro-services to help with assigned responsibilities and uptime.

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