New side project

I'm going to just ramble for a bit, sorry for any typos and things.

So, I've been wanting to get into this market for awile and it's something that I think need more tech since my generation is growing up and starting to plant roots. There's a big problem. A large elephant of a problem and that's housing prices. In some of the great areas of the United States, we're experiencing an crazy increase in house prices that normal income people ($20-30k/year) can't afford a house. I'm talking 1/4 acre with a 2 bedroom house on it. How shitty. This economy is so out of wake that we're not going to be homeowners unless something is done. I'm going to start building tools for my generation to use to find houses, property, and what not. I don't want people to purchase for an "investment" property but for living and life. We have too many people buying up affordable housing and make it not-so-affordable housing.