Baby steps to Sailsjs - Part 1

A bowl of bananas I get it. Trying to learn how to build an app can be crazy and finding the first steps can be hard. I’m not an expert in Sailsjs or Nodejs but I build things in them and learn as I go. So, here’s how to get started with Sailsjs from the very beginning. Also, all these steps can be found on their site but maybe you’re just confused? It’s ok, it happens.

WAIT! First, what is Nodejs? I think this Stackoverflow article should help you understand: And what is Sailsjs? To really sum it up, it’s like a MVC framework similar to Ruby on Rails but for Nodejs. Go here for more information:

Let’s get started

Install Xcode: Go to the App Store and install the latest Xcode. This may take awhile but you should have it installed.

Install Node.js: Go here and download the Mac Installer, and then install. Uhhh… that’s all I did! The cool things is that Nodejs comes with a package installer called NPM that you’ll need and love later.

To Install Sailsjs, open your terminal and type the following:

sudo npm -g install sails

Time to create a new project. In your terminal type:

sails new projectone

The project ‘projectone’ should be build. Now check if it’s there and enter the folder.


That will list everything in the directory and you should see the folder ‘projectone’. Enter the folder by:

cd projectone

you can ‘ls’ again to see what files and folders are in the app… cool. Spin it up! In the terminal type:

sails lift

WHOA! Now you have a server going. Open your browser and go to http://localhost:1337 and you should see the Sailsjs start page. WHOA!!!

Seriously, that’s it. You have an app up and running. Again, this was just the first of many but I’ve been asked how to get started with Nodejs by non-programmers and this is basically how I get them started.